It’s so true to say that when local businesses thrive, communities thrive. 

Local businesses are more than good for employment, they are part of the fabric of our society. Without them the face of any community will change, the experience of locals will change and the contribution that they make to local society will be gone. Owners and managers make decisions every day that impact the world around them. They are our go-to people. That might be to partner with a charity, sponsor a local sports team or club or support the arts. They buy from other local businesses and provide the spaces and places where residents enjoy meeting.  Parts of our local business community are under threat and we can all help out through our words and actions.

I’m pleased to say that our community service campaign to support local business get through 2020 with free membership and extended memberships is having a huge impact.  We have passed an incredible milestone with over 100 new members joining the Chamber.  Mia Hollis from Buds on Buderim was our 100th new member and she’s a great example of the entrepreneurship happening all over the 4556 suburbs.

Finally, yesterday the Prime Minister announced details of the continued support to Australians and Australian businesses through jobKeeper and JobSeeker paths beyond the end of September.  The news provides some certainty now for future planning and decision making for those still vulnerable and impacted by the pandemic.

Please keep sharing the news about our community service offer to unite & support the local business community. We’re your local group helping business thrive.

Brenden Southey

Leader / 4556 Chamber of Commerce President



A Big Heart

The 4556 Chamber of Commerce was founded with the mission of maximising the potential and prosperity of the 4556 postcode area. Kunda Park, Forest Glen, Sippy Downs and Buderim areas are all supported by 4556 Chamber of Commerce including the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Networking Opportunities

Various networking opportunities are provided to connect members and support them in their business success.

Information Evenings

Coordinated information evenings to educate our members, expanding their knowledge and business skills.

Negotiate Deals

We act as a conduit for government (local, state and federal), education facilities and the community.

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