Happy New Year everyone!

2020 was an extraordinary year for everyone in business.  The pandemic and subsequent disruption to business didn’t deal everyone the same hand. Some businesses had to stop then restart while others experienced unprecedented demand. Whatever your scenario, every business owner should congratulate themselves for being resilient and tenacious to weather the storm.  That need to reimagine, reinvent and rethink your business has made you stronger and sharper than ever.

We can all agree that we’re mighty lucky to be here in the position. And, we’re going to give 2021 our absolute best shot sharpened by our 2020 experience.

For all the challenges, we are still seeing loads of entrepreneurs giving business a crack.  That’s inspiring! Welcome to all the new businesses that started in 2020. Let’s support them all to establish and grow for the future.

In 2020 we were forced apart.  In 2021 let’s come together and connect for good like never before.

Donna Niazov

Leader / 4556 Chamber of Commerce President



A Big Heart

The 4556 Chamber of Commerce was founded with the mission of maximising the potential and prosperity of the 4556 postcode area. Kunda Park, Forest Glen, Sippy Downs and Buderim areas are all supported by 4556 Chamber of Commerce including the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Networking Opportunities

Various networking opportunities are provided to connect members and support them in their business success.

Information Evenings

Coordinated information evenings to educate our members, expanding their knowledge and business skills.

Negotiate Deals

We act as a conduit for government (local, state and federal), education facilities and the community.

Take Advantage Of An Incredible Community